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Minister inaugurates new council on forestry trust fund
03/22/2023 17:19 in News Update

Nigerian Minister of Environment, Mohammed Abdullahi has inaugurated a new governing council on National Forestry Trust Fund to tackle the challenges militating against overall forestry development and sustainable environment in the country.

Performing the ceremony in Abuja, Abdullahi stated that the government has taken a number of critical steps towards assuaging these problems, which include: development and strengthening of policy; legal and institutional framework which envisages funding support from international donors, corporate organisations, private sector, Non-Governmental Organisation (NGOs) and individual resources sustainable to leveraging the seed fund from the CITES permit to carry out forestry development activities in the past few years.

The minister urged the council to mobilise resources for the trust fund to achieve its objectives as forests play critical role in climate amelioration.

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