About Us

Insight Radio is an online radio station focused on providing dependable and reliable information on sustainable environmental solutions, and pest solutions including community news, talk shows, training, and webinars across different countries encouraging conversations about issues that affect all.

Topics will range from Health & Safety, Pest and Pest Control, Environment, Sports, News, Business, Finance, Leadership and Entrepreneurship, Relationships, and other areas of public interest.

These will be interspersed with Music that relates to the subjects being discussed and the demographics it affects.

The radio is targeted at demographics between 18-55 years, and the entire spectrum of the socio-economic strata. This radio is built on sustainable development goals (SDG 3, 4,6,9,11).

Insight Radio operates 24 hours daily, Insight Radio Ltd RC: 1959600

  • To provide quality, reliable and dependable information about environmental solutions.

  • A world where quality information can be gotten from, no matter their location.

  1. Dependable
  2. Timely
  3. Creativity
  4. Concise
  5. Relevant