Shanghai's hottest May Day in a century: record-breaking heatwave sweeps the city
05/29/2023 19:13 in Environment and You

Shanghai experienced its hottest day in May in the past century, reaching a scorching temperature of 36.7°C (98°F), surpassing the previous record by a full degree.

Scientists attribute these extreme weather events to global warming, which has been intensifying adverse conditions worldwide. Numerous countries have been grappling with deadly heatwaves, and Southeast and South Asia have witnessed record-breaking temperatures in recent weeks.

According to a post on the official Weibo account of Shanghai's meteorological service, at 13:09, the temperature at Xujiahui station soared to 36.1°C (97°F), breaking a century-old record for the highest temperature in May. As the afternoon progressed, the temperature at the bustling station climbed even higher, reaching 36.7°C.

This surpassed the previous record of 35.7°C (96°F) that had been recorded on four separate occasions – in 1876, 1903, 1915, and 2018 – as reported by the weather service.

Under the scorching sun, residents of Shanghai endured sweltering conditions, with some apps indicating a "feels like" temperature of over 40°C (104°F). Social media posts on Weibo highlighted the challenges people faced, including headaches and near heatstroke experiences due to the extreme heat.

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