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Using pig fat as green jet fuel will hurt planet, experts warn
06/01/2023 02:05 in News Update


The utilization of deceased pigs, cattle, and chickens' fat to produce more environmentally friendly jet fuel is currently underway, but a recent study cautions that it may ultimately have a detrimental impact on the planet.


Animal fats are typically considered waste, so creating aviation fuel from this material significantly reduces its carbon footprint.


The demand for animal by-product fuel is projected to triple by 2030, primarily driven by airlines.


However, experts are concerned that the limited availability of animal fats will lead other industries to rely more heavily on palm oil, a significant source of carbon emissions.


According to a study conducted by Transport & Environment, a clean transport advocacy group based in Brussels, the yearly number of animals slaughtered is insufficient to meet the growing demand for animal fats from airlines.


Matt Finch from Transport and Environment highlighted that the supply of animals and animal fat is not infinite. Therefore, if the aviation industry places substantial additional demands on the current sources of animal fat, alternative solutions must be sought. Unfortunately, the most likely alternative is palm oil. As a result, the aviation sector indirectly contributes to the increased use of palm oil in European systems.


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