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Company Contributes N5 Million to Fight Infant Mortality
09/17/2023 19:51 in News Update

In a commendable display of corporate social responsibility, TotalEnergies Nigeria Staff Multipurpose Cooperative Limited has made a substantial donation of N5 million to the Health Emergency Initiative, a non-profit organization based in Lagos.

The primary aim of this generous contribution is to address the pressing issue of infant mortality and enhance the well-being of vulnerable children.

This philanthropic gesture aligns with TotalEnergies Cooperative's annual CSR initiative, which allocates funds to support various non-governmental organizations across Nigeria. The selection of HEI for this grant is attributed to its impeccable reputation, its commitment to impactful programs, and its unwavering dedication to transparency.

According to a statement released by HEI, the core objective of this funding is to combat infant mortality, with a particular focus on children aged 0 to five. The initiative targets various non-chronic diseases such as malaria, typhoid fever, meningitis, sepsis, malnutrition, and more. Over eight public health facilities will benefit from this program, with each recipient receiving a maximum grant of N30,000.00.

Paschal Achunine, the Executive Director of HEI, expressed heartfelt gratitude to TotalEnergies Cooperative for their continuous support and their empathetic stance towards underserved communities and vulnerable Nigerians. He also conveyed optimism that this partnership would extend its support to even more beneficiaries in the upcoming year.

Furthermore, the grant will facilitate the donation of two electronic suction machines, an oxygen concentrator, and a dozen chairs for patients at the Massey Street Children’s Hospital in Lagos.

Juliet Okene, the President of TotalEnergies Cooperative, underscored the urgency of addressing infant mortality. Recent reports have indicated that over 15% of children born in Nigeria do not live to see their 5th birthday.

She called for immediate and comprehensive actions from all sectors of society and encouraged other corporate organizations and compassionate individuals to join hands with HEI in its noble cause.

HEI, a non-profit humanitarian organization, is steadfastly committed to providing essential healthcare services to the most vulnerable members of society in public hospitals. Their primary focus is on children with urgent health conditions who require immediate medical attention.

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