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Dfortune Pestshop's, Diadem, PCV Group Donates towards Rotimax 10th Year Anniversary
11/10/2023 20:06 in Pest News

By: Shofu Babalola

A Remarkable Contribution to Pest Control Education


In a heartening display of goodwill and dedication to advancing pest control education, several industry leaders, including Dfortune Pestshop, Diadem Pest Control, PCV Group, Hoist Pan, Clean N Classy Ltd, Delonix, Norwood Event and numerous other esteemed pest control companies, have joined forces to make a substantial donation to the Rotimax Pest Control Training Academy. This momentous gesture coincides with the academy's 10th-anniversary celebration.


Dfortune Pestshop, a leading contributor to this noble cause, has generously provided 360 bottles of FUMISECT Mosquito killer and 400 units of Flocoumafen rodenticide. This significant donation not only reflects Dfortune Pestshop's unwavering commitment to the field of pest control but also stands as a vital pillar of support for the Rotimax Pest Control Training Academy in fulfilling its educational mission.


The donation of 400 bottles of FUMISECT Mosquito Killer underscores a shared commitment to tackling the pressing issue of mosquito-borne diseases. With the alarming rise in such diseases, this contribution equips the academy with essential resources to educate and train professionals in the most effective mosquito control measures.


In addressing the challenges posed by rodent infestations, Dfortune Pestshop's provision of 300 units of Flocoumafen rodenticide is a crucial tool that will empower the academy to train pest control experts comprehensively, ensuring a holistic approach to pest management.


This collective contribution from colleagues and alumni serves as a substantial boost for the academy as it celebrates a decade of excellence in pest control education. The donated materials will enhance the academy's capacity to provide hands-on training and practical knowledge, shaping the next generation of pest control professionals.


The 10th-anniversary celebration of the Rotimax Pest Control Training Academy, scheduled for the 11th of November 2023, is poised not only for reflection on past achievements but also for the anticipation of a future that is better equipped and empowered.


This generous donation to the Rotimax Pest Control Training Academy exemplifies the spirit of collaboration and a shared commitment to creating a pest-free environment. As the academy celebrates its 10th anniversary, this gesture serves as a beacon of hope for a future where pest control professionals are well-equipped to meet the evolving challenges in pest management. The contributions from various entities highlight a united front in the pursuit of a common goal - a world resilient against the threats of pests and the diseases they bring.


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